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Sea on fire : Sunset at Bali beach

In an earlier post I had showcased some Sunset silhouettes from the Kuta beach in Bali. But I haven’t included the actual sunset photos in the post and saved them

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Photo of the day- Ready for the plunge

Sun is ready to take a dive in the Arabian Sea near the Elephanta Islands off the coast of Mumbai.

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Photo of the day – Sun sets in clouds

Sunlight is such a beautiful artist. Besides giving us a life, it creates paintings and art out of nowhere. Like this one- sun is nowhere to seen but light of

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Photo of the day – Sun sets at Marina

Setting sun tries to create an impact on whatever man has created in its way! Beautiful shades at Marina Bay, Singapore.

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Photo of the day – Sun setting at Lodi’s

Setting sun with Bada Gumbad tomb of the Lodi garden in the foreground. One of the favorite place for morning and evening walkers in New Delhi, this garden is also

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Photo of the day – Into the horizon

A ship going far away in Malacca Strait into the fast changing colours of the setting sun.

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Photo of the Day

Here I come: Sun has just set in the Indian Ocean and moon has already risen quite above the horizon!

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Maldives- Beauty Unlimited

In the third part of the series on Maldives, here are some beautiful shots of Maldivian sea and islands. This beauty seems to unending.

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