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Celebrating World Wildlife Day – A joyful photo journey!

Its World Wildlife Day today. UN has been celebrating this day since last year. This year theme for the World Wildlife Day is “The Future of wildlife is in our

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Eyes firmly upon you!

With you under watch every time, everywhere; your all actions under scrutiny, questionable; its interesting to see that how these little birds react under constant gaze of the camera. Birds

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In the Urban Jungle with Zenfone Zoom

How often will you be forced to leave your bulky DSLR camera just because you are not willing to carry any bag! And how often will you rue not carrying

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Peppy in mother’s lap – Langurs in Mandore

Well, this post was always on cards, ever since I did my other posts on langurs of Ranthambore some time back. There were two immediate provocations (inspirations I should say).

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Stepping into History – Neemrana Bawadi

One reason why I was elated in my last post about Adalaj Vav near Ahmedabad in Gujarat was that I had been earlier to a few of other step wells and

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Stepping into history – Adalaj Vav

Adalaj is a suburb of Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Vav is a term in Gujarati which means a step well. This term is also probably derived from hindi term for

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Why the last sunset of the year has to be so beautiful!

Why the last sunset of the year has to be so beautiful! I wonder. Sometimes its so magical that you don’t want to let the year pass by… Although it

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All in the Act – Photo of the Day

Although they are not classified as migratory birds, because they are native to south of Himalayan region and spread well into south as well as south east Asia, still in

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Fly Past, the natural way – A photo gallery

Painted storks have been my favourite bird for last few seasons. Big, bright, colourful and adorable. Equally fascinating is there flight. Have always wanted to catch them in their flight.

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King Duo – Photo of the Day

Though November has approached, but still day temperatures are unusually high forcing these two male lions at the GIR national park in Gujarat to be in shade for the most

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