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Waterfalls are the best pit stops on way to North SikkimWaterfalls are the best pit stops on way to North Sikkim

Journey from Gangtok to Yumthang in the North Sikkim is indeed very scenic, but it might not be best of the roads. Road goes along the Teesta river for most of the journey. Because of tough terrain, landslides, road widening and work on various power projects, the road condition, although not very bad, but is […]



Faith sees no fear at YamunotriFaith sees no fear at Yamunotri

Rubbing your shoulders against the ponies, fear of being hit by wooden sticks protubering out of palakis (पालकी), getting squeezed between rush of pilgrims on one side and rocky hillside on the other and a long tiring journey–nothing deters you from your faith that drives you to reach the Yamunotri temple on the foothills of Kalind mountain. Here […]


The Beauty of RhineThe Beauty of Rhine

The Rhine with its 1,321 kilometers is the longest and most important waterway of Europe. There is a good reason why the residents of the Upper Rhine Valley also lovingly call it “Father Rhine.”  The broad river – which starts in the Swiss Alps and digs its way through Europe to the North Sea coast […]