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Getting nostalgic with Shashi Kapoor memories!

Shashi Kapoor was certainly one of most watchable Bollywood actors of his times- pure grace and handsome to the core. Personally I had one great memory of this star, one of the lifetime, which I never had with anybody else. It was of watching him on the sets of a film. His passing away yesterday took me back to that incident four decades back.

It was summer of 1977 and I was in Kashmir with the family, my first trip to the paradise. I was quite young that time. Forty years have passed since than but I still remember it very well. We stayed in Srinagar, courtesy my uncle who was the commanding officer of the Army unit at that time. We had gone to Sonmarg, Khilanmarg and Pahalgam. Those were peaceful times in the valley. And it was during one of these excursions that we had a chance encounter with shooting of the Hindi feature film ‘Atithee’ (अतिथि). Film’s script or storyline had nothing to do with Kashmir, but as it was a trend during those days to shoot at exotic locations, hence Kashmir used to get fair chance of few shots in every other film. So, there was this scene being shot in the film.

Scene of Atithee film whose shooting I witnessed

Scene was between Shashi Kapoor and Shabana Azmi, the lead pair of the film. Being guest of the Commanding Officer of the Srinagar, we got the chance to watch the shoot closely. Actually this particular incident was so itched in my memory that I always remembered that particular dialogue which was being filmed- Shabana’s character says to the Shashi Kapoor’s character, “जब से मैंने फ्रॉक छोड़कर साड़ी पहनना शुरू किया है, तब से हर आदमी मुझसे अकेले में ही मिलना चाहता है” (..ever since I have stopped wearing a frock and started wearing sarees, every man wants to meet me in alone). It was all retakes and retakes for those couple of dialogues between these two. There were so many retakes that I forgot the count even. However fantastic a dialogue might seem on the screen, watching so many retakes on a shoot is rather irritating. But than, a director needs a perfect shot. It was a chance close encounter, first one with a star of his calibre… encounters that we cared least about when I entered into mainstream journalism, more than a decade later after that event.

As Siddhartha with Simi Garewal in this 1972 film

Film ‘Atithee’ released in July 1978 in theatres, but I got to see it more than a decade later when it was telecasted on Doordarshan. I was so anxious to watch that particular scene on the screen and was really quite happy after that. Film wasn’t that big commercial hit as was his other films around the same time. Actually 1978 was one of the most extraordinary year of Shashi Kapoor’s career because his as many as 12 films were released that year, most in a calendar year in his entire career including much acclaimed Satyam Shivam Sundaram and Trishul.

As poet Nur Shahjehanabadi in Muhafiz

Shashi Kapoor was so different in that movie (Atithee) than his usual self- in somewhat pencil moustache and a different hairstyle. That’s what I always loved about Shashi Kapoor, although being a romantic, handsome mainstream hero, he dared to be different.

As editor Vikas Pande in New Delhi Times

He crossed boundaries like none of his contemporary greats tried to do. For all his superhit films, Shashi Kapoor’s bigger contribution is perhaps the way he gave life to Prithvi Theatre; the way he produced films like 36 Chowringhee Lane, Junoon and Utsav, and certainly the way he chose to act in films like Muhafiz, New Delhi Times, Siddhartha and the Shakespeare Wallah. He was also one of the earliest mainstream top stars to act in a TV mini series- Kissa Kathmandu Ka in 1986, where he played the character of popular Bengali fictional detective Feluda.

As Samsthanak in Utsav

He was undoubtedly one of the first international stars of Hindi cinema… and indeed my first introduction to the world of cinema, as I don’t remember even seeing any film before that incident. Surprising!!!


Trident & Tricolour- Flying high

Trishul peak and Indian Tricolour, what a perfect match- both in awe of each other.

Something of a rare sight this is, as seen from Kausani in Uttarakhand, one of my favourite places and among the best ones in India to have a sight of full glory of Nanda Devi ranges of Himalayas. So, unfurled Tricolour at Anasakti ashram in Kausani and mighty Trishul peak under blue skies in the background make a very beautiful picture, isn’t it! As it is not everyday that tricolour is unfurled here and it is also not everyday that you find such a clear view of Himalayan peaks. Here we have both…

An independence gift for the readers from my side- a small photo gallery of India Tricolour.

Most amazing sunrise

Nature mesmerises us in many ways and a beautiful sunrise is one among the top. Bringing you here one of the most fascinating sunrises you will ever see. Kausani in Himalayan state of Uttarakhand is one of the best places to have a panoramic view of Himalayas- from Chaukhamba to Panchachuli peaks in the Nanda Devi range. What a view it would be when first rays of sun fall on a 360 kms wide natural canvas of snow clad himalayan peaks! An elevation of more than 20 thousand feet right in front of your eyes is enough to elate the mood! A view very rare and captured beautifully. See the video to believe it… Be there to feel it…

Photo of the day – Wildfire or…

Seems like a distant wildfire. Isn’t it! Few other sunrises can be compared to this view. This is one of the best places to admire the beauty of a sunrise and a sunset as well- Kausani in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. But this photo tells only the half of the story, when one knows that just in front of you is a panoramic view of 360 kms of snow-clad Himalayan ranges including Chaukhambha, Trishul and Nanda Devi. Truly, a beauty unparalleled.


Photo of the Day – The Mighty Trishul

The mighty Trishul (trident) peak (alt: 7120 mts) as seen from Bedini Bugyal (alt: 13K ft) in Uttarakhand. Trek to Roopkund and further to Shila Samudra & Homkund from here takes you right in the base of this peak. Left to Trishul is Nanda Ghunti (not seen in this picture). It is one of favorite treks in this region and challenging one too!

Trishul Peak