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Celebrating Dance – A photo essay

Its World Dance Day today. And on this special day I am presenting a photo essay of a very special performance. I have written a little bit about it before.

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A tourist trip to Dharavi slums brings awards!

Well! To start with, how many of us would like to have a visit to a slum during our next trip? Tough question and may sound quite illogical to some.

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Elephants will be part of Thrissur Pooram

With both the Kerala government and High Court declining to interfere with the parading of elephants during the annual ‘Thrissur Pooram’, the over 200-year-old famous festival is set to be

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Top 10 ideas for travel in India in May

These are tough times, when there is a big tragedy so close, as seen in Nepal. Wouldn’t it have been first choice for many of us to visit in summer

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Tragedy returns to Everest exactly a year later

Exactly a year later tragedy struck again to the Everest region and at the very crucial time of the Everest climbing season. And this could be probably the worst tragedy

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16 tremors shook the north-east leading upto this massive quake

Northeastern region and its adjoining areas – Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar as also the Andamans – have been rocked by at least 16 earthquakes in the current month, with the

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Quake hits a big blow to Nepal, tourism

Earthquakes are always devastating causing massive loss to property and lives. Today’s earthquake in Nepal  has caused catastrophic damage to country’s infrastructure and this couldn’t have happened at a more worst

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Photo of the day – A golden moment!

A perfect sunrise turns everything into gold. It gives energy to world around. It gives warmth and colour to life, a spirit to get up and make yourself count… to

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World’s first underwater oxygen bar

We are yet to come terms with usual oxygen bars and here Sub Sea Systems has completed construction and installation of Clear Lounge —the world’s first underwater oxygen bar. So

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Brussels enjoys ‘Gallery Night in the City’

On Thursday, 23rd April galleries in Brussels opened their doors from 6-9pm as part of Gallery Night in the City. As in previous years, Art Brussels happily offered shuttle services

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