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Tragedy returns to Everest exactly a year later

Exactly a year later tragedy struck again to the Everest region and at the very crucial time of the Everest climbing season. And this could be probably the worst tragedy

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16 tremors shook the north-east leading upto this massive quake

Northeastern region and its adjoining areas – Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar as also the Andamans – have been rocked by at least 16 earthquakes in the current month, with the

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Quake hits a big blow to Nepal, tourism

Earthquakes are always devastating causing massive loss to property and lives. Today’s earthquake in Nepal  has caused catastrophic damage to country’s infrastructure and this couldn’t have happened at a more worst

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Photo of the day – A golden moment!

A perfect sunrise turns everything into gold. It gives energy to world around. It gives warmth and colour to life, a spirit to get up and make yourself count… to

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