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Flight to moon!

Flight to moon! An alert camera, a good window seat, excellent weather and a powerful zoom may sometimes give you some interesting situations to click upon, while on flight. Here

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10 Unexpected delights to discover in Europe this winter

Europe in Winter, what springs to mind? Rainy grizzly grey skies, huddling under blankets and endless cups of tea – right? WRONG. Forget the preconceptions and the naysayers, as Europe throughout

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Ocean on fire – World Photography Day special

Indian Ocean on fire, hundreds of kilometres south-west of Indian coast, deep inside the sea and close to Maldives. Don’t know about others, but I have no qualms in accepting

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Ramparts of Galle – Withstanding time & nature

We Indians have been associated with Galle more because of the cricket, as it had been one of the three major centres of cricket in Sri Lanka, besides Colombo and

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Trident & Tricolour- Flying high

Trishul peak and Indian Tricolour, what a perfect match- both in awe of each other. Something of a rare sight this is, as seen from Kausani in Uttarakhand, one of

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5 things to do in Macau in coming months

Macau is one of the most popular city based tourist destinations in South East Asia after Hongkong and Singapore. It is getting increasingly popular for its go happy mood and

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5 things you’ve just gotta do in New Zealand

It’s the adventure capital of the world, a land of indescribable beauty and the place where ULTIMATE bucket lists are made. So where do you start with a ‘what to

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Get set for a summer in Wales

European Summer is upon us and staycations or easy weekends away are high on the agenda. Wales comes alive during the summer months and is well prepared to excite and

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The power of Zen! Really!!

Putting up together an excellent smart phone is not an easy task and putting up and excellent show to launch an excellent phone really needs extra smartness. I never thought

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Beauty and the bee-holder

I love Kairali (Wellness Resort near Palakkad in Kerala) , not just for its Ayurvedic treatment and wellness qualities but also for its overall aura. Place is beautiful and so

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