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Singapore River Festival – A photo journey

There is no better way to celebrate a nation’s golden jubilee but to go back to where it all began – the Singapore River. Taking place from Friday, 23rd October to Sunday,

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Unknown Pair of Sculptures by Michelangelo Presented to the World

The hitherto unknown pair of sculptures by Michelangelo Buonarroti from 1494 was presented to the public at a media conference on September 8, along with an explanation of the detailed study

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Honey I shrunk the Europe!

All through those years being a journalist, I have been seeing the photos and often admired the Mini Europe; not knowing that one day, I would be there standing between

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Land of dreams on a digital mission

USA has always branded itself as a ‘land of dreams’ for travellers around the world. So much so that it even launched a music video ‘Land of Dreams’ by Rosanne

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Looking down- A photo experience!

How one feels while looking down deep! Is it a feeling of fear… or of being high up then others! Does it make you any humble or too realistic about

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A Himalayan view from the Sky

A Himalayan view is always fascinating, and more so when you see it from top… not just from top, but high up in the sky over 40K fits from an

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Head to Macau for the Biggest & Wildest Oktoberfest

Missing Germany… and your Bavarian beers? Don’t worry you can still get to enjoy a grand Oktoberfest. Doesn’t matter if it is not in Munich but in south-east at Macau.

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Top 10 travel ideas for September

Monsoon might not be great this year but September is still fun. Rains have already subsided, although they were never so severe this season. Not many holidays in store, but

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