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Photo of the day – Seems Surreal!

Beautifully laid untouched snow on top of the hill! An amazing 360 degree view of natural splendour in clear blue skies. Gorgeous unhindered spectacle of himalayan ranges from Himachal to

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Photo of the day – My daily light!

Tough for someone to do a labour-intensive work at this altitude daily (almost 8000 ft), and tougher if it is related to sanitation as then nobody literally cares about you.

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Photo of the day – My cup of tea!

Himalayas… Deodars… Pines… Morning light… and first cup of tea in a hillside shack! Nothing else can bring more cheers this summer to me. Isn’t it! Nothing more gears up

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Photo of the day- Ready for the plunge

Sun is ready to take a dive in the Arabian Sea near the Elephanta Islands off the coast of Mumbai.

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Photo of the day- Far & High

Coconuts are refreshing as well as challenging. Once you are in Kerala, you will find coconuts everywhere- around you on trees to almost everything you eat and also put on

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Photo of the day- A colony in clouds

A tent colony in clouds or on the edge of a cliff! A scene not common,considering the fact that this is at an altitude of almost 13 thousand feets, deep

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Photo of the day – Sun sets in clouds

Sunlight is such a beautiful artist. Besides giving us a life, it creates paintings and art out of nowhere. Like this one- sun is nowhere to seen but light of

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Photo of the day – Wildfire or…

Seems like a distant wildfire. Isn’t it! Few other sunrises can be compared to this view. This is one of the best places to admire the beauty of a sunrise

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Photo of the Day – Time to be Back

Bugyali horses are very famous and watching a few galloping at a place no other than Aali Bugyal at an altitude of 13K fts could be so fascinating. Not a

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Photo of the day – Peek A Boo

Nanda Ghunti peak (6309 mts) peeking from clouds as seen from Bedni Bugyal (3354 mts), a Himalayan alpine meadow in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Bedni Bugyal  makes the  base for

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