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Jumbo’s day out at Mattupetty

You can find elephants everywhere in Kerala- from forests to roads and temples. They make a fascinating sight and also some excellent stories. They have always been integral part of legends and mythology. There is no temple festival in Kerala without elephants. Kerala also has a good number of wild elephants as well. As per a rough comparison Kerala has almost 600 captive elephants and almost 6000 wild elephants. One of the highest peaks in the Nilgiris the Anamudi peak literally means ‘elephant’s forehead’.

In India, elephants are always in news, thanks to our mishandling of one of the most graceful and intelligent animal out there. Still sight of a herd of wild elephants is good enough to stop the traffic on road and turn everyone into curious onlookers. They too keep people amused with their antics. The highway from Munnar to Top Station is known for good population of wild elephants, specially around Mattupetty Dam Reservoir! That is because of dense forests and rich pastures. So, while going to Top Station, we had an ‘encounter’ sort of as well with a herd of wild elephants, only difference being that they were busy among themselves and everyone passing through the highway was stopping to have an eyeful.

Herd of elephants came from the side of the reservoir up towards the road.

Jumbos are also photographers’ delight. So no doubt that as soon as we got to see a herd just along the highway, it was obligatory for us to wait, get out of the vehicle and position our cameras. It was least we could have done to respect this giant. Also, its different when you go for a safari in the national park, as we are looking for the animals. Joy is entirely different when you see them unexpectedly on the way, when you are towards something else. Best way to enjoy such a sighting is to not disturb the animal and be always away from its track of movement. Rest will be fun! So, few shots from that moment:

Grass was certainly greener on this side

There was a kid on the block and was continuously getting lessons from its mother, who was patient at times and annoyed as well.

Elephants were entering this grass field through an opening in the tree cover. It seemed that this was one of there favourite pasture.

You can also watch a video of this moment on my YouTube channel by clicking on the link below-

Have you seen elephants in wild in Kerala? How was the experience? Share with us in the comments section below.

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