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A ‘Spike’ for Space Cruiser on Global DreamA ‘Spike’ for Space Cruiser on Global Dream

Cruise vacations are the one of the most sought after travel journeys. World over, all cruise lines therefore try to make this journey more and more adventurous, more and more memorable, either with bigger, luxurious ships or till now unthinkable adventures on sea. Going a step ahead, Genting Cruise Lines have introduced the future of […]



Its spring time and lower Himalayas are laden with beauty!Its spring time and lower Himalayas are laden with beauty!

I have always felt that spring is the best time to go to hills, specially in the lower Himalayan region. And, that’s not just for adventure trips, but also for the leisure trips to hill stations. It’s about weather, it’s about brightness, it’s about colours, it’s about nature and its about views. Everything in abundance. […]


Poetry in motion: Birds in flight at MangalajodiPoetry in motion: Birds in flight at Mangalajodi

Mangalajodi has been an extraordinary experience for lot many reasons. Since my first visit to Chilika almost a decade ago, I was always keen to return to this place for another bird-watching stint. Then, had heard some extraordinary things about Mangalajodi- it being the poachers haven and then a turn-around which converted hunters to protectors. […]