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Its opening up, may be just time to pack the bags

It was a hectic past month or perhaps more than that, as I was busy in working on my new travel website. That didn’t leave me with enough time to write my scheduled blog posts. It is perhaps first time since I started writing blogs almost eight years ago, that I haven’t done a blog post for more than 30 days. Feel sorry for that, but still relived that I was doing something equally dear to me.

I do have this travel blog, but there was much of other content that I always wanted to share- informations, news, updates and features. Hence, a dynamic travel site was always on cards. Then this pandemic resulted in applying the brakes on my print travel magazine–yes I have one (Awara Musafir)–as the printing press was shut down. It was then, I started working fanatically on my website. Website was always there as an e-magazine of my print edition, which now has been converted into a full-blown website.

Still a lot of work to do, but I hope to make it interesting and informative as well. It would be equally for the common travellers as well as the travel industry. Hope you will find it good and throw some suggestions and feedback towards me. Here are few recent stories from the site-

Well, all these recent stories are on restrictions being lifted considerably for travellers. Summer is just about to end officially and fall colours will soon covering the hill towns. It is indeed one of the best time to travel to hills, just before the onset of winter. Best time also to perhaps lift the mood out of the gloom, that has descended upon us for past six months.

So, are you ready to travel! I am certainly planning few quick trips in coming days. Lets see how things turn up! Hope my new website will be an interesting read!

Where would you like to travel first, after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted? Share you choices with us in the comments section below!

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