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Lot more than flamingos at Sambhar

Though flamingos were my primary interest and they were who actually pulled my all the way to Sambhar, but wintering at Sambhar is not all about flamingos. Flamingos might be

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and finally… the pink flamingos

Moving ahead from Devayani, I was asking every other guy the way to Chatri (cenotaph) of Daadu Dayal. The way wasn’t far from Devayani. Just half a kilometre ahead was

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…the pink mystique

It was second day at Sambhar. Last day was interesting with engaging myself in pink salt of Sambhar and then soaking in some refreshing sights of a pink sunset. But

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The Pink Salt…

It was long overdue. And, I was actually ashamed of myself for not having being there till now, despite being so close. Of late, it was almost decided in my

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Photo of the day – Pink Flamingos

Its simple spellbinding. Isn’t it! More so when you get to witness such a visual spectacle at some of the most unassuming of places. This is on way back to

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सेतुबंध के ये रामेश्वर

राम की कथा से रामेश्वरम का गहरा नाता उसे मिथकों में वही दर्जा दिला देता है जो देश के तमाम पौराणिक शहरों को हासिल है। इसमें कोई शक नहीं कि

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