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Block the dates! Seventh edition of the Eat! BRUSSELS, Drink! BORDEAUX this September

On 6, 7, 8 and 9 September, lovers of good food and wine have a date with Eat BRUSSELS, Drink! BORDEAUX Once again, the festival will spotlight the big names in Brussels gastronomy and the wines of Bordeaux. The visitors can embark on a culinary voyage, tasting the signature dishes offered by the great chefs of Brussels. All amid the greenery of the Parc de Bruxelles.

For the seventh year of the Eat! BRUSSELS, Drink! BORDEAUX festival, the best chefs in Brussels are once again taking over the stoves in the pop-up kitchens set up in the Parc de Bruxelles. Each of them will offer a gourmet public his (or her) signature dish. A great opportunity to discover the talents of Belgian gastronomy in a pleasant, convivial setting. visit.brussels have been in partnership with Les Vins de Bordeaux for the last five years.

Over fifty wine growers and wine merchants will be present at the event to show off the full range of wines from Bordeaux – reds, whites, rosés and crémants – that will be the perfect partners for the dishes concocted by the chefs. The 6 families of Bordeaux wines are each represented in their own special pavilion. Bordeaux Red & Bordeaux Supérieur Red; Côtes de Bordeaux; Saint-Emilion Pomerol Fronsac; Médoc & Graves; Sweet Bordeaux; Rosés, Dry whites and Crémants de Bordeaux. The Bordeaux Wine School will offer workshops in which novices can be initiated into Bordeaux wines and the more experienced can enhance their knowledge.

New features in 2018:

– An updated offering: New chefs will be joining the event to fly the flag of their restaurants. Several signature dishes will also have a vegetarian version. Ten restaurants have already confirmed their attendance. Returning are Vincent, Garage à Manger, Brinz’l, Le Tournant, Augusta, Rouge Tomate, Racines and Stirwen. And two new participants have already confirmed: Crab Club and San Bol.

– New cheese and dessert bar

– The festival will have 4 new, original themes for the Masterclasses: Crus classés from Graves, grands crus classés from Saint-Émilion, grands vins from Médoc from the 2015 vintage, Sweet Bordeaux & Belgian cheeses.

– The eat! Awards: This year, the eat! Awards will make their appearance. They will reward the chefs who were most successful during the event.

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

Have you enjoyed any such gastronomical event? How was the fun? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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A date for foodies this weekend in Brussels!

From 7 to 10 September 2017, foodies have a date at the “eat BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX” festival. Taster portions of dishes or original desserts at the “Masterclass Bordeaux”, passing through the workshops of the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux (Bordeaux School of Wine), the great chefs and wine growers will stimulate the visitors’ taste buds all through the festival.

For its sixth year, the “eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX festival is putting on a marvellous spread, once again calling on a selection of the best Brussels chefs right in the middle of the Brussels Park. Wine lovers can also devote themselves to their passion, thanks to the various workshops offered by the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux. All of which offers the public a delicious gourmet break.

Twenty-odd great chefs
New chefs representative of Brussels are joining the celebration and will be adding their own spice to what’s on offer at the festival. They are offering the visitors a signature dish representing their culinary identity at the fixed price of 9 Euros.

Something new: a sweet note
Several pastry chefs complete the festival’s menu. They are offering sweet lovers delicious plated desserts at the fixed price of 9 Euros.

Perfect match
The Wines of Bordeaux, a key partner in the festival, are once again taking part in this gastronomic journey. Nigh-on 50 Bordeaux wine growers and wine merchants will be coming to Brussels to unveil the history and the secrets of their wine. 3 new gourmet workshops offered by the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux. A rendezvous lovers of wine and gastronomy must not miss, the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux pavilion offers an entertaining and educational overview of the various wines (red, dry white, sweet white, rosé and Crémant de Bordeaux), soils, grape varieties, blends, etc. A wonderful initiation into the art of tasting.

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

This year, the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux is offering three new fun gourmet workshops:
– “Choco’ Bordeaux” in collaboration with the chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud
– “Matching wines with pastries” with the pastry chefs Yasushi Sasaki, Baptiste Mandon and Khalil Menzi, to experiment with daring combinations.

Bordeaux “Masterclasses”
This year, the two masterclasses are dedicated to the Saint-Emilion Grands Crus Classés and the 30th anniversary of the appellation Pessac-Léognan. The visitor will be guided through these two representative regions of the Bordeaux wine growing region.

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

Workshops with the chef Bruno Antoine
Visitors will have the chance to create their own TCHIN VITTEL Bistronomy Box in a relaxed atmosphere at a cooking workshop that is just as exciting and gastronomic as it is goodnatured. All under the guidance of Bruno Antoine, one of the most creative chefs on the
Brussels bistro scene.

The festival is changing to a swipe card
To allow visitors to enjoy the festival to the full, “eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX” is moving to an electronic payment system. Visitors can obtain their swipe cards from one of the ticket offices, put money on them and use them as they please throughout the festival. This swipe card will combine all functions for meeting their needs: credits for tasting the dishes they choose and/or their Wine Pass.

Tram Experience Season 4 with Lady Chefs

For its fourth season, visit.brussels is bringing back the Tram Experience from 21 August 2015 to 17 July 2016. Throughout the season foodie passengers will embark on a maiden voyage through the heart of cuisine offered by the best lady chefs.

Diner des Vignerons belges - Diner van de Belgische Wijnbouwers (c)VISITBRUSSELS -E.Danhier
Diner des Vignerons belges – Diner van de Belgische Wijnbouwers (c)VISITBRUSSELS -E.Danhier

Many of today’s big name chefs were captivated early in life by the pleasant aromas wafting from the kitchens of their mothers and grandmothers, those humble magicians of daily grub. They definitely knew how to get the most out of a simple stew, a frugal handful of vegetables fresh from the garden, or a comforting sweet, which was all the better for all the love they put into it.

This honest family cuisine inspired many of these chefs to embark on their career paths. While the men and women of today both do the cooking at home, too few women are calling the shots in our best restaurants.

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

Women’s cuisine is nonetheless rich in the subtleties and emotions we wish to share through the different menus that will be offered on board the Tram Experience during this 2015-2016 season.

In keeping with the spirit of openness to the world that Brussels is known for, besides the kingdom’s best lady chefs the Délice network of gourmet cities around the world were called upon. The line-up will thus combine the best with the best by bringing in lady chefs from extremely diverse backgrounds.

And, as in every year, the Tram Experience also promises a few (heavenly) surprises. All aboard!

A rich and diverse line-up 

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

As in every year, the season is comprised of a series of menus rotating every four to six weeks. They are commissioned by the lady chefs and cooked on board by chef Denis Roberti who practised the recipes with the appropriate chefs. Each menu is sampled in the studio and validated by a tasting committee sponsored by chef Lionel Rigolet ** (Comme chez Soi, Brussels) prior to being served on board the Tram Experience.

A prestigious ambassador of Belgian cuisine

Arabelle Meirlaen * (Arabelle Meirlaen intuitive cuisine, Marchin) will get the ball rolling this coming 21 August. This almost goes without saying since she is unquestionably Belgium’s foremost lady chef, as evidenced by her Chef of the Year 2014 title awarded by the Gault Millau Guide of Belgium. Her cuisine is extremely personal and largely inspired by the plant kingdom so it seemed logical to open the doors of the Tram Experience to her right away this summer at a time when nature is fully expressing its flavourful richness and palette of many colours.

Local ingredients enhanced by a starred chef

Chef Mariangela Susigan * runs a restaurant called Gardenia, opened by her own mother in the 1970s. Located in Caluso, in the countryside northeast of Turin (Italy), the restaurant has its own garden full of vegetables, herbs, and spices which play an essential role in this chef’s cooking. Her style draws its inspiration from Piedmontese cuisine, while prizing emotion and creativity.

Laurence’s favourites

The holiday season promises to reveal one of the schedule’s big surprises. This woman has away of collecting stars, five in total, and yet she does not cook. Not a single customer of this great Belgian eatery will have escaped her notice, and yet she is hardly ever mentioned. She has spent her life at the side of two of the greatest Belgian chefs, but very few really know her. It’s safe to say that Laurence Rigolet, daughter of Pierre Wynants *** and wife of Lionel Rigolet **, does not like to be in the spotlight. Nevertheless, she is the one who welcomes and takes care of each customer at Comme chez Soi, the famous Brussels institution.

Start-ups of Belgian cuisine

2016 will get off to an auspicious start. Stéphanie Thunus * and Mélanie Englebin, named Discovery of the Year 2014 by the Gault Millau guide Belgium, are well acquainted and even went to school together. One runs Au Gré du Vent out in the country in Seneffe, and the other operates Cécila, a stone’s throw from Grand-Place in Brussels. One draws inspiration from family farm ingredients while the other is decidedly oriented towards the sea. Make no mistake: both run their respective restaurants with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Their cuisine is meticulous, perfectionistic, and inspired. They will author two menus where their dishes will intermingle with harmony and finesse. Two of tomorrow’s greats, the challenge is on!

A culinary icon still relevant today

Another new foray abroad with a legend of world gourmet history. However, nothing foreshadowed that Eugénie Brazier, daughter of modest farmers born in Bresse just before the dawn of the 20th century, would become such a legend. Opening her restaurant in Lyon in 1921, Mother Brazier would be the first woman to earn the highly sought-after three rosettes from the Michelin Guide in 1933. She would also be the first two-time three-star winner with her restaurants in Lyon and neighbouring Col de la Luère. It would take more than a half-century for such a feat to be repeated by the great Alain Ducasse.

Again it would be with her that a young Paul Bocuse, just back from the war, would learn the fundamentals of his trade while minding the cows, doing the washing up, and tending the vegetable garden. Mother Brazier is no longer with us but her image lives on under the leadership of one of France’s most talented chefs: Mathieu Viannay **. Chef Viannay, with his two stars and membership in the Grandes Tables du Monde, bought the La Mère Brazier restaurant in 2008 in Lyon, and modernized it without forsaking its roots. The famous spring chicken in half-mourning, Eugénie Brazier’s signature dish, is still there but now shares the stage with chef Viannay’s more modern offerings.

The Swedish-Mexican menu, a contrast of flavours

The menu – Puebla (Mexico) and Göteborg (Sweden)- will be one of great contrasts. Two cities that seem to have nothing in common, two chefs from very different backgrounds, terroirs combining land and sea, the Mexican sun and the harsh climate of Scandinavia.

Yet now cuisine is universal and these regions some of the most interesting chefs of our foodie world. Menus that will certainly be full of high-flying discoveries with Liz Galicia (El Mural de los Poblanos) for Puebla and Karin Andersson (Toso) for Göteborg.

North and South, an unprecedented collision of gourmet worlds

Next up is a new North-South culinary collision. Dishes coming from radically different places whose only common thread is the gourmet excellence that the Tram Experience requires.

On one side, the Cape Winelands (South Africa) are a cluster of villages located in the heart of South Africa’s most beautiful wine growing region and one of the most beautiful areas in all of Africa, just a few kilometres from the Cape. The village of Franschhoek, once founded by Huguenots who fled France, has kept the French way of life close to its heart. There you can find many vineyards bearing French names and some of the country’s best restaurants. Chef Michelle Theron runs a restaurant in one of these wine-growing areas : La Motte. It is one of the country’s ten best eateries, and for many it will be an opportunity to discover South African cuisine largely unknown to the general public.

On the other side, another woman of excellence, Svetlana Riškova, chef of Elements restaurant in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Svetlana has made her presence felt as one of the shining lights of Baltic cuisine, which is expressive and very close to nature and is full of surprises. Beyond the geographical contrasts, these two menus will offer above all a contrast of terroirs to be discovered right away.

An unparalleled culinary stage designer

To close out the season on a beautiful note, the Tram Experience has called upon a somewhat unexpected individual: the Belgian Bénédicte Bantuelle is not, strictly speaking, a chef. She defines herself more as an Artistic Director, a stage designer whose purview extends well beyond the kitchen. Bénédicte considers cooking to be an entirely separate artistic discipline. Only recently has she started to apply her multifaceted gourmet talent for the benefit of Agence La Bouche, which creates culinary concepts.

She is also Damien Bouchery’s partner. Together they cofounded the Bouchéry restaurant that has without a doubt become one of the most desirable places to dine in Brussels today. At Bouchéry, the approach is reflected in even the most minor of details: house breads and cheeses, natural wines, cuisine that is totally in step with meticulously selected seasonal products.  Bénédicte had carte blanche to write the season’s last menu.

It’s highly likely she’ll be inspired by Damien’s cuisine but also that she’ll surprise with her inspired and unbounded vision of tabletop delights in a 360° approach.

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

A few key figures

  • 10,000 to 12,000 meals are served on board each year;
  • Nearly 300 tours per year;
  • More than 25,000 km covered since the project was launched;
  • Service is offered year round from August to July, six days a week;
  • Six people on board: 1 driver, 2 individuals in the kitchen, 3 in the dining room;
  • Already more than € 8,000 paid to Samusocial to date.

New for 2015-2016

The “Tram” and “Experience” menus

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

The major innovation for the next season is the menu which will now be broken down into two plans. The “Tram” menu corresponds to the current version, that is, six courses (three appetizers, first course, main course, dessert, bubbly, water and wine as desired). This menu will however be capped off with after dinner drinks following the meal.

The “Experience” menu addresses a comment made by some customers who would have preferred a longer gourmet experience exceeding the 2–2.25 hours currently offered. As a result, a longer session will be scheduled each Friday from now on. This one will include an additional dish for a total of seven courses (three appetizers, two entrées, a main course, and a dessert), still accompanied with water and wine and served over the course of more than half an hour. The “Experience” set menu will follow a somewhat different route to Dumon Square in Stockel. Here, too, an after dinner drink will complete the set menu.

It is the chef of the Tram Experience, Denis Roberti, who will author this additional dish, allowing everyone to discover the uncommon talent of this chef who has been preparing all of the recipes from the numerous starred chefs represented on board for three seasons.

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

The guest table

Another innovation has already been tested on a small scale last season and will be fully implemented this year. This is the guest table. This four-person table with host two couples who do not know one another at a discount price. Each seat sells for € 10 less per person than the regular price. Given the success of this configuration, it will be extended throughout the new season.


  • Six course “Tram” menu € 95 (VAT included) per person excluding booking fees
  • Seven course “Experience” menu 115€ (VAT included) per person excluding booking fees (Fridays)
  • Guest table sold with at discount of € 10 per person
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

What’s included in the price?

“Tram” menu:

  • Six courses (three appetizers and three dishes (first course, main course, dessert)
  • Bubbly, wine, still and sparkling water
  • An after dinner drink

“Experience” menu:

  • Seven courses (three appetizers and four dishes (two entrées, main course, dessert)
  • Bubbly, wine, still and sparkling water
  • An after dinner drink
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

Tour duration 

  • Tram menu: approximately 2 hours – 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Experience menu: approximately 2 hours 45 minutes

Menu variations

At the time of reservation, it is possible to select a vegetarian menu.

Tram capacity : 34 seats (7 tables of 2, and 5 tables of 4)

On board personnel

One host, two servers, a chef and assistant, and, of course, the driver. All Tram Experience drivers are volunteers and have been selected based on their great skill at driving appropriately in all circumstances.

On board WC

One WC is available during the tour

Tram takes you from Europe to North America

Tram Experience:  Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

Board this Tram to travel to North America from heart of Europe. Seems funny? No it sounds rather yummy!! Starting this week until 8 March 2015, the Tram Experience is offering you the chance to enjoy a two-hour trip in North America. For the first time, Brussels’ gourmet restaurant is delighted to be welcoming chefs from beyond Europe’s borders.

Montreal, Puebla and Chicago: three cities, three chefs

Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

For its third season, which began last August, the Tram Experience is offering customers the chance to enjoy a gastronomic journey exploring some of the biggest foodie cities in the world. These cities, part of the Délice network of which Brussels is also a member, have sent their best chefs to give food-lovers a real treat for one year. So far, some of the best chefs in Europe have joined in the travelling restaurant adventure. Today, for the very first time, we will be welcoming renowned chefs from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Chefs Laurent Godbout (Montreal), Ángel Vázquez Castelán (Puebla) and Andrew Zimmerman (Chicago) can’t wait to be part of the Tram Experience, whose culinary reputation has travelled across every border. Together, they have come up with three different menus that will alternate approximately every two weeks until 8 March 2015.


Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

How do you fancy boarding a tram that has been fully decked out as a modern gourmet restaurant? Aboard you will be served a three-course meal put together by top chefs from some of the best gourmet food cities of the world, whilst you tour Brussels by night for two hours. Building on its success ever since it was launched in 2012, the Tram Experience has built up an international reputation and is a huge draw for visitors as well as chefs from around the world. The gastronomy of the 21st century has become increasingly global in recent years. To any self-respecting foodie, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to see leading chefs from all over the globe. And no city other than Brussels – multicultural and open to the world – could better welcome these different gastronomic settings.

Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

The chefs, who concoct the menus, are not on board. It is the catering company led by expert-chef Denis Roberty which creates and finalizes all of the dishes onboard right in front of food enthusiasts. Tram Experience is remarkably sponsored by top chef Lionel Rigolet who brings along rigour and expert knowledge, the hallmarks of a two-starred chef at the helm of one of the most prestigious culinary institutions: Comme Chez Soi.

Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience: Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

The Tram Experience takes one on an exceptional journey into the gastronomy of some of the major gastronomic cities of the world. These cities – amongst which Brussels – are member of the Délice network and have appointed their best chefs to treat food lovers to outstanding gourmet dining all year round. Délice is an international network of likeminded cities engaged in promoting the benefits of culinary excellence and good food. Created in 2007 by the City of Lyon (France), Délice gathers 21 cities from 4 continents whose culinary heritage and expertise play a major role in defining themselves as the greatest food destinations. These cities are Aarhus (Denmark), Barcelona (Spain), Birmingham (UK), Bordeaux (France), Brussels (Belgium), Chicago (USA), Gothenburg (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Lausanne (Switzerland), Leipzig (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal), Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain), Montreal (Canada), Osaka (Japan), Puebla (Mexico), Rabat (Morocco), Riga (Latvia), Saint Louis (USA), Stavanger (Norway), Turin (Italy)

Gourmet festival embellished by the best Bordeaux wines

eat! Brussels Photo: ©E.Danhier
eat! Brussels Photo: ©E.Danhier

The Brussels gourmet festival embellished by the best Bordeaux wines

From 11 to 14 September 2014 and for the third consecutive year, the eat! BRUSSELS festival will show off the entirely international nature of Brussels gastronomy. Around 20 restaurant owners from the Brussels-Capital region, and from 10 provinces and partner towns, will come together at the Bois de la Cambre for four days of gustatory passion. In addition, this year, VISITBRUSSELS and the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux [Interprofessional Council for Bordeaux Wine] have decided to get together to create a joint event: eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX. Brussels will therefore become the first European city and the third international destination, after Hong Kong and Quebec, to welcome around sixty winegrowers to its festival dedicated to gastronomy.

Asian, Moroccan, Italian, Lebanese or Greek – the identity of Brussels gastronomy is far from being limited to Belgian mussels and fries. Brussels is at the crossroads of all nations and its gastronomic reputation is well renowned. With its eighteen award-winning restaurants, the city has more stars than cities like Berlin, Rome or Milan. And if fine dining is blossoming without any doubt in the European capital, eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX is one more opportunity to recall this by bringing together some of the best brands in the city.

eat! Brussels - Photo:  ©E.Danhier
eat! Brussels – Photo: ©E.Danhier

For its third reincarnation, the gourmet festival has the privilege of hosting the Bordeaux winemaking tourist event, “Bordeaux Fête le Vin” [Bordeaux Celebrates Wine]. The event has been renamed “eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX” for the occasion. Thanks to the “Wine Pass”, a tasting passport, a visitor will be able to go into various pavilions where Bordeaux winemakers will show them the numerous wines from their region. Great wine lovers (or novice) will be able to refine their oenological knowledge through entertaining and educational workshops.

eat! Brussels - Photo: ©E.Danhier
eat! Brussels – Photo: ©E.Danhier

For gourmands and gourmets, tasting portions will be offered by chefs at low prices (from € 4) so that visitors can do a culinary tour of the world in a single meal. The tastings will be prepared on site at each booth. Food lovers will also have a whale of a time taking part in culinary workshops organised on the spot by the Mmmmh! cookery school. Local, regional and national crafts will also be featured in the Crafts Village. Spices, salted meats, ice cream, honeys, meats, cheeses, coffees, jams, truffles, teas, oils, smoked salmon and artisan sweets will tickle visitors’ taste buds.

As they do every year, several of the best Brussels restaurants attend the festival by taking a stand. Each will offer one or more tastings to visitors who will therefore be able to take advantage of the diversity of culinary nationalities that are present.

Tram Experience heads for 3rd season

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

For the third season this year The Tram Experience will be moving to the partner cities of the Délice network. Délice is a sort of club bringing together good food cities of the world. Initiated by the City of Lyon a few years ago, the network is directly supported by cofounding cities such as Brussels or Barcelona. Today, Délice has about twenty members and its growth objectives rather aim new horizons and distant continents.

For this new season, Tram Experience will proceed in the same direction. Not only does season 3 stand for outstanding gourmet dining, it is also open to the world and takes you on a memorable culinary journey. On your trip, you will dive into different parts of the world, near and far, but always fascinating. All season 3 long, you will savour first-rate dishes signed by chefs from major gastronomic cities of the world or, on the contrary, by chefs whom you’ve probably never heard of, from cities of which you thought, perhaps a bit naively, that their cooking did not stretch further than nondescript but honest family dishes.

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

This year, you will have a bucket load of reasons to come back many times to discover each new team, each new city and its chefs who have done us the honour of joining us in this endeavour. With Tram Experience, expect nothing less than a unique, surprising and typically Brussels experience aboard a vintage tram with its somewhat obsolete comfort, an offbeat way to (re)discover the beauty of our city whilst enjoying the finest food Brussels has to offer.


Brussels has a long and proud gastronomic history. The servings are general, tasty and irresistible and local specialities are wolfed down with relish. Brussels is the capital of 500 million Europeans and its gastronomic cultures is largely influenced by this convergence of many diverse influences.  Most of the world’s cuisines are for that matter present in the city. The local cuisine, a subtle variation of French cooking, reflects the influence of the country’s different regions. Seafood from the coast, salted foods from the Ardennes, not to mention the many foreign influences that have gradually found their way in Brussels.

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

Brussels has two to three thousand restaurants, 40% of which serve Franco-Belgian cuisine. World cuisine consequently very well represented. There are more and more starred restaurants but also mid-range restaurants that contribute to the city’s well earned reputation. Chip stands are worthy representatives of local street food, with some thirty such establishments that have come into their won. Food trucks are also increasing in numbers and constitute a major trend these last years.

In addition to the Tram Experience, Brussels provides an entire series of gastronomic experiences that are as unique as qualitative with such events as Culinaria, Brussels in the Sky, eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux or Eatcolor.

The Tram Experience

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

Eight times a week the Tram Experience tram will be riding through Brussels on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening at 8pm, on Friday- and Saturday evening at 6.30pm and at 9.30pm and on Sunday at 12am. The place of departure will be at Place Poelaert. Only the two Friday services will be starting from the Tram Museum, Avenue de Tervuren 364, 1150 Brussels.

  • The rate is €89 (VAT included) per person, including wine and water, except for exceptional meals (for instance, during the festive season).
  • A meal served on board includes 3 appetizers and a 3-course menu (starter, main course, dessert) concocted by starred chefs. It also includes champagne, white wine, red wine, still and sparkling water. There are no other beverages on board.
  • The chefs who sign the menus are not on board.
  • The meal is put together and finalised by catering company Les Garrigues www.traiteur-garrigues.com in accordance with the exact requirements of the chefs and all menus are tested and approved by a tasting committee sponsored by Lionel Rigolet before making it on board the Tram Experience.
  • Tram Experience generally proposes eight trips per week.
  • Advance booking is exclusively online by credit card or bank card www.tramexperience.be or in VISITBRUSSELS’ tourist information offices.
  • Tram Experience is designed for reservation per table for 2 or 4 people. It is not possible to book for an uneven number of passengers.
  • It is possible to book the entire tram, only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • The capacity of the tram is 34 seats: 7 tables for 2, and 5 tables for 4.
  • The trip takes about 2 hours.
  • Staff on board includes one headwaiter, two waiters, one chef and his assistant… and the driver of course.
  • There is a toilet on board.

eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX: time for Dine & Wine

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier
Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

From 11 to 14 September, the Brussels restaurant festival is once again coming to Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kamerenbos. Over four days, restaurateurs from throughout the Brussels Capital Region and this year along with wines from Bordeaux as well as its partner cities, provinces and regions are coming together. During eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, they will share their know-how and passion for delicious products with connoisseurs and foodies who are always looking out for outstanding quality, new taste sensations and adventures.

This year, the enhancement of Brussels gastronomy is to be accompanied by sampling various Bordeaux wines in the company of winegrowers from that region. 

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier
Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

eat! BRUSSELS provides an excellent picture of the gastronomic diversity that Brussels is rich in. On the menu is a melting pot of discoveries from the four corners of the globe. Participating restaurants channel all their creative energies into astonishing and spoiling every visitor, young and old alike, with whom their chefs are already eager to share their know-how and passion. Thanks to the smaller portions, visitors can enjoy several cuisines at one mealtime, and as it were embark on a culinary journey. The creations conjured up by the restaurant chefs can be savoured at reasonable prices (from €4.00) in the form of tastings prepared on the spot. Each restaurant provides one or more dishes. Entry to the festival is free.

Amateur chefs will be in their element in one of the various workshops set to take participants on a journey through different parts of the world. Attention is also given to local, regional and national craftsmanship, in an Artisans’ Village set up especially for this purpose.


The festival is being organised in the heart of the one of the capital’s most beautiful green settings, and this year has the privilege of welcoming the ‘Bordeaux Fête le Vin’ to Brussels. For the occasion, the wine festival is being rechristened eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX. With a tasting pass, the “Wine Pass”, visitors can wander around the various pavilions where winegrowers from Bordeaux will help you discover the numerous different wines from Bordeaux. In the ‘École du Vin de Bordeaux’ pavilion, fervent wine lovers have the chance to perfect their oenological knowledge during engaging and educational workshops.


A taste of Australia for India’s celebrity chef!

Sanjeev Kapoor with Simon Sandall at North Bondi Fish, Restaurant of Chef Matt Moran, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sanjeev Kapoor with Simon Sandall at North Bondi Fish, Restaurant of Chef Matt Moran, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sanjeev Kapoor, India’s most well-known celebrity Masterchef travelled on a culinary journey to Australia to film the next season of his show – Out of the World – which will be aired on the nation’s only food and lifestyle channel, Food Food. As part of his delightful gourmet expedition, Sanjeev travelled to four Australian states including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to get a taste of some of the finest food and beverage experiences Down Under.

In sync with Tourism Australia’s focus on highlighting the destination’s best food and wine experiences, this show will bring to Indian homes a glimpse of Australia’s finest array of produce served in the most stunning locations. The 15 part series, created by the production company Performance Ltd spearheaded by veteran producer and director Runjiv Kapur, will feature several ‘Best of Australia’ experiences that Sanjeev indulged in during his visit. These included a hot air balloon ride and champagne breakfast, cuddling koalas and feeding kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast; climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and visiting the Blue Mountains; chocolate tours and attending the Melbourne Food and Wine event, taking a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles, visiting Kangaroo Island and blending wines in the Barossa Valley.

Sanjeev Kapoor with Brett Lee on a yatch in the Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
Sanjeev Kapoor with Brett Lee on a yatch in the Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

One of the highlights of the journey was avid cricket enthusiast Sanjeev meeting famous Aussie cricketer Brett Lee to cook up an Australian barbeque on a yacht cruising along the Sydney Harbour. Sanjeev also visited the Sydney Cricket Ground, Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Adelaide Oval, each being venues of India matches at the upcoming Cricket World Cup in 2015. During his visit, Sanjeev was honored as a ‘Friend of Australia’ by Tourism Australia making him part of an advocacy program alongside local and international opinion leaders to tell their Australian stories.

Sanjeev Kapoor feeding kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary , Gold Coast, Australia
Sanjeev Kapoor feeding kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary , Gold Coast, Australia

Sanjeev is the ultimate authority on food in India. He joined the ‘Friends of Australia’ program endorsing the best of food and travel experiences in Australia. FoodFood Channel was conceptualized by MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor, the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine today. In addition to being a TV show host, Sanjeev is an author of bestselling cookbooks, restaurant consultant, architect of unique range of food products and winner of numerous awards.

Australia has witnessed a healthy increase in arrivals from India. There were 11,600 visitors from India during January 2014, bringing the total for the twelve months to January to almost 170,000, an increase of 9.1 per cent relative to the same period the previous year.

Come for ‘Dinner in the Sky’ at Brussels

Brussels in the SkyBrussels has become an essential part of the European gastronomic scene. With its 19 starred restaurants, Brussels has now more stars than Berlin, Rome or Milan. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how closely gastronomy is tied to Brussels’ roots. The 2014 Michelin Guide says it all.

Dinner in the SkyDinner in the Sky is definitely at the top of the list of the most surrealistic gastronomic concepts. Seven years on and not only has Dinner in the Sky acquired worldwide fame, it has also earned a solid reputation among starred chefs. Some of the most celebrated chefs such as Frédéric Anton, Alain Passard, Bjorn Franzen and Dani Garcia have actually worked in its kitchen, as well as future talents, as was recently highlighted on the Top Chef programme.

Dinner in the Sky1Although born and bred in Brussels, Belgium, Dinner in the Sky shines a bright light on over 45 countries, including Mexico, Qatar and Croatia. Dinner in the Sky wanted to share this success with its hometown and this has led to “Brussels in the Sky”, an ambitious Gastronomic Festival launched in 2013, in partnership with VisitBrussels. The idea of this Festival is to draw attention to Brussels’ starred gastronomy through seven of its best Chefs, who will interpret the gastronomic culture of a guest country. And all this will take place high in the Brussels’ sky.

Italy will be the guest of honour at this 2nd edition of “Brussels in the Sky”, from 2 to 29 June, at the Cinquantenaire. Each day, one of the 7 Chefs will prepare and serve, in person, a five-course gastronomic menu for 22 guests, during one lunch and 2 dinners in the sky of Europe’s Capital.

Dinner in the Sky2The 7 Brussels’ Starred Chefs are:

  • Yves Mattagne from the Sea Grill**
  • Lionel Rigolet from Comme chez Soi**
  • Pascal Devalkeneer from the Chalet de la Forêt**
  • David Martin from La Paix*
  • Giovanni Bruno from Senzanome*
  • Bart De Pooter from Wy*
  • Luigi Ciciriello from La Truffe Noire*

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Enjoy ‘Original feast’ at Culinaria

Photo: leeksandhighheels.com
Photo: leeksandhighheels.com

Culinaria is back. A gastronomical event is not to be missed After 5 successful editions, Culinaria, supported by the Brussels Capital Region, has become an internationally acclaimed event, serving haute cuisine from around the world. A true smorgasbord in the heart of Europe, Culinaria offers a unique taste of Belgian culinary talents. Each year, Culinaria has a main theme, and the cutting-edge gastronomical trends attract large crowds.

The theme for 2014 is the Original Feast. For its sixth anniversary, Culinaria will return to the essence of gastronomical delights, and revitalise this edition in a retro-libertarian, cheerful, and mischievous way. A few laughs at a grand banquet, do justice to delicious ingredients in steaming hot dishes, and an authentic, communal banquet that is worth waiting all year for. Since eating together is the best form of communication, master chefs are ready to welcome everybody to a feast just as yesteryear, with their interpretations of exquisite abundance, sauces, sweets, crisps, generosity, and conviviality.

culinaria-brussels. Photo: brusselskitchen.com
culinaria-brussels. Photo: brusselskitchen.com

From Wednesday, May 21st through Sunday May 25th, 2014, Culinaria will set up shop in Tours & Taxis, which will be beautifully decorated for the occasion. For five days, gastronomy lovers, connoisseurs, foodies, and other curious people can enjoy five-star dishes, new workshops, and delicious discoveries at Culinaria, in the theme of the ‘Original Feast’.

Each day, top Belgian chefs and young promising chefs will offer an original dish inspired by the theme. The connoisseur may select a dish by an emerging gastronomical talent and 5-star dishes. Then, he may select two dessert creations from the dessert buffet, made by famous chocolatiers and pastry chefs. In the theme of exquisite abundance, Culinaria will also offer a beautiful buffet of Swiss cheeses.

Culinaria-Brussels. Photo: brusselskitchen.com
Culinaria-Brussels. Photo: brusselskitchen.com

The connoisseurs can fulfil their heart’s desire with one of the sweet delights by Pierre Marcolini (Maison Pierre Marcolini), Marc Ducobu (Ducobu), Jean-Philippe Darcis (Darcis) and Bernard Proot (DelRey). The best and internationally acclaimed Belgian masters of cheese will also make an appearance. This year, Culinaria will shine the spotlight on the talents of the new generation. They will provide subtle and revolutionary appetizers to accompany a Leffe. Culinaria not only shines the spotlight on the best restaurants, but also on the gastronomical workshops, tableware and decor, and delicatessens.

The focus is on pure culinary discovery and experience.This year, the theme of the unique gastronomical workshops are the feast! ‘The foreign feast with San Pellegrino’: Sixe foreign Chefs from the prestigious ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ also give their interpretation of the feast.


̔The great menus of history`: The Master Chefs of Culinaria introduce the visitor to dishes that have determined Belgian and European history. ‘The Pastor`s Garden’ or the workshop with 100% vegetables: Benoit Blairvacq and Simon Beugnier make traditional dishes with vegetables and wild plants. The workshop ‘Champagne with Pommery’ provides a sparkling
atmosphere. At the Foodie square, visitors learn to taste and work with unique ingredients, with guidance from taste specialists. This year, the visitor can also taste from four different delicatessens: caviar by ‘Imperial Heritage’, foie gras by ‘Euro foie gras’, truffles by ‘L’Atelier de la truffe noir’ and the apotheosis of every feast: wine and beer, by Vinopress. In the workshop ‘Vintage Cocktail’ by Matthieu Chaumont (Chez Hortense) and the best Belgian barmen, visitors are introduced to the world of mixology.
Culinaria also organises a gourmet market, with countless scrumptious specialties and handcrafted products to enjoy at home.