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Where To Watch Cricket In India

There is plenty to see on a visit to India. It’s a dense, beautiful and historic country that offers everything from pristine beaches and culturally fascinating small towns to big

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India Summer Days return to Karlsruhe and lot more in SouthWest Germany

On the weekend of 14th to 15th July 2018, the INDIA SUMMER DAYS return to Karlsruhe under the heading ‘Baden-Württemberg meets Maharashtra’: a small piece of India right in the

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Visit to Haji Ali shrine is a bliss!

Almost six hundred year old Dargah of Haji Ali at Mumbai is not just one of the most important Sufi shrines in India but also one of the most revered

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Smart Navigation – The Seagulls way

Seagulls are beautiful. Its so fascinating to see them playing on the waves in the vastness of the sea. A an icy white colour with pinch of red at their

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A tourist trip to Dharavi slums brings awards!

Well! To start with, how many of us would like to have a visit to a slum during our next trip? Tough question and may sound quite illogical to some.

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Photo of the day- Ready for the plunge

Sun is ready to take a dive in the Arabian Sea near the Elephanta Islands off the coast of Mumbai.

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Mumbai to have cultural hub on lines of Times Square

Mumbai will soon have a cultural hub on the lines of Times Square in New York. It will be developed by Maharashtra Tourism with help from Union Tourism ministry. This

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Bangalore has the best amusement park in India

Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore has been named as the best amusement park in India by TripAdvisor, an online review community of travelers across the world. TripAdvisor released the travelers’

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