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Flowers of trekking: Sighting of rare Brahma Kamal

Had heard a lot about the Brahma Kamal flower earlier. But got to see it blooming for the first time when I went to Valley of flowers and Hemkund trek

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Nature’s poet and poet’s museum

Pant museum at Kausani in Uttarakhand isn’t a touristy place as such. In my three visits to this place in the course of last few years, I have rarely seen

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Nature, myth and history of Syahi Devi Temple

Last year, when we went to Shitlakhet, we headed for an early morning trek to Syahi Devi temple. But we started a bit late, and then we had a packed

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Its spring time and lower Himalayas are laden with beauty!

I have always felt that spring is the best time to go to hills, specially in the lower Himalayan region. And, that’s not just for adventure trips, but also for

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A photo journey to Shitlakhet, a hidden gem in Kumaon

I had been hearing about Shitlakhet for almost ten years now, ever since I started visiting the Almora region more frequently. I even made some flying visits to the village,

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Kausani, through flowers – A photo story!

Kausani is all famous for its Himalayan View- a panorama of the Nanda Devi range from Chaukhamba peak to Panchachuli. I am somehow fond of this place and have done

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A tourist trip to Dharavi slums brings awards!

Well! To start with, how many of us would like to have a visit to a slum during our next trip? Tough question and may sound quite illogical to some.

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Photo of the day – Seems Surreal!

Beautifully laid untouched snow on top of the hill! An amazing 360 degree view of natural splendour in clear blue skies. Gorgeous unhindered spectacle of himalayan ranges from Himachal to

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Most amazing sunrise

Nature mesmerises us in many ways and a beautiful sunrise is one among the top. Bringing you here one of the most fascinating sunrises you will ever see. Kausani in

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परंपराएं जोड़ती व तोड़ती नंदा राजजात यात्रा

नंदा होमकुंड से कैलाश के लिए विदा हो गईं- रास्ते के तमाम कष्टों व तकलीफों को झेलते हुए। लेकिन नंदा को पहुंचाने होमकुंड या शिलासमुद्र तक गए यात्रियों के लिए

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