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Bali is the top destination in the World

Bali in Indonesia is the top destination in world favoured by the travellers. This is what TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards for the year 2017 show. Surprisingly (or not) there is

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Getting ‘high’ in the hills!

Fermented alcoholic drinks have been part of different local cultures  since time immemorial. They have been part of local traditions and the art has been transferred from generations to generation.

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After Two Deadly Years, Everest Climbers Gear Up for a Strong Season

Nepal has had the worst year imaginable. But even after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, political unrest that resulted in a five-month blockade, and the two deadliest years in the history of

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Everest climbing season for the year as good as over

Sherpas in Nepal have refused to rebuild a climbing route on Mount Everest that was destroyed by an earthquake-triggered avalanche more than a week ago, a decision likely to end

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Top 10 ideas for travel in India in May

These are tough times, when there is a big tragedy so close, as seen in Nepal. Wouldn’t it have been first choice for many of us to visit in summer

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Tragedy returns to Everest exactly a year later

Exactly a year later tragedy struck again to the Everest region and at the very crucial time of the Everest climbing season. And this could be probably the worst tragedy

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16 tremors shook the north-east leading upto this massive quake

Northeastern region and its adjoining areas – Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar as also the Andamans – have been rocked by at least 16 earthquakes in the current month, with the

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Quake hits a big blow to Nepal, tourism

Earthquakes are always devastating causing massive loss to property and lives. Today’s earthquake in Nepal  has caused catastrophic damage to country’s infrastructure and this couldn’t have happened at a more worst

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Forgotten Palaces in Kathmandu to lure tourists

The Nepal government is preparing to lease the Kathmandu-based old palaces for foreign and local investors who are willing to set up businesses catering to tourists in the next fiscal

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Indian celebs in Nepal to promote tourism

Two Indian beauty pageant winners are in Kathmandu to promote tourism in Nepal as well as the latest Shahrukh Khan movie “Chennai Express”. Himangini Singh, Miss Asia Pacific World 2012

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