Month: August 2013

Mexico and Burkina Faso official hosts of World Tourism Day 2014 and 2015Mexico and Burkina Faso official hosts of World Tourism Day 2014 and 2015

Mexico was selected to be the official host country for World Tourism Day (WTD) 2014 and Burkina Faso for WTD 2015. The respective themes will be “Tourism and Community Development” for 2014, and “One billion tourists, one billion opportunities” for 2015. The announcement was made at the 20th UNWTO General Assembly (Victoria Falls, August 29). […]



Extreme Snowdonia in WalesExtreme Snowdonia in Wales

Explore above and below ground with this unique adrenalin-fuelled break in Snowdonia National Park in Wales including 3 nights’ luxury accommodation with Snowdonia Shepherds’ Huts, as well as a Tree Top Adventure one day and underground exploration the next.  Go back to the warmth and comfort of your shepherds’ huts after a thrilling day and […]


Mummy at Gue in SpitiMummy at Gue in Spiti

Gue is a high altitude village in Spiti Valley on the way to Kaza. The small sleepy, indiscreet village at an altitude of almost 3000 metres houses India’s only known mummy preserved naturally. Village is located deep in the valley. Just three kilometres ahead of Sumdoh towards Tabo is a diversion towards Gue. Village is […]


ये वादियां मेरा दामनये वादियां मेरा दामन

कश्मीर में श्रीनगर, गुलमर्ग, सोनमर्ग व पहलगाम से आगे भी बहुत कुछ है। दरअसल कश्मीर में आप जिस ओर निकल जाएं, खूबसूरत वादियां पसरी पड़ी हैं, सब एक से बढ़कर एक। इनमें से बहुत कम से ही हम वाकिफ हैं। इस बार कश्मीर जाएं तो ऐसी ही किसी नई वादी में जाएं, जो अब तक […]


Confluence of South Asian craftsConfluence of South Asian crafts

Craftspeople and crafts organisations from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Afghanistan will come together with their Indian counterparts to showcase their techniques and products at Dastkar South Asian Bazaar. The bazaar, to be held in association with Delhi Tourism, will offer an insight into the cultural heritage of the region, and showcase common, shared traditions […]


RailWisdom for RailYatriRailWisdom for RailYatri

Railways information site RailYatri has launched its crowd sourcing technology aimed at making rail travel safe and efficient. RailWisdom is a unique platform that collects the experiences of train travelers and collates it according to trains and stations to help people get accurate information about their routes and destinations. Perhaps, there is no other medium […]