Roatrip to Kaza in Spiti valley

 Kaza in Spiti valley is one of those places in the Himalayan India which bikers yearn for, besides the all-famous Manali-Leh route. But unlike the Leh-Manali route in Lahaul valley, the Spiti valley remains open for almost all the year round. Although winters might be severely cold there, but coming two months could be the ideal time to go there. It is not as challenging as the Leh route because there are no high mountain passes to cross, but the route, the terrain and the topography is something which you will not find anywhere else. Kaza is in spiti valley and one has to pass through Kinnaur valley before entering into Spiti.  Trip to Kaza normally starts from Shimla, capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Biking in these roads is alwaya a fun... See it for yourself! Going from Cha...

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