Mummy at Gue in Spiti

Gue is a high altitude village in Spiti Valley on the way to Kaza. The small sleepy, indiscreet village at an altitude of almost 3000 metres houses India's only known mummy preserved naturally. Village is located deep in the valley. Just three kilometres ahead of Sumdoh towards Tabo is a diversion towards Gue. Village is another 20 kilometres from there. Mummy is housed in a temple on a small hilltop at the end of the village.  Temple normally remains locked and one has to search for the keys at the neighbourhood, down in the village. There is a big temple under construction close to current temple. Not much is known about the origin or identity of the mummy. No literature, just stories from the local villagers and hearsay. The mummy has been supposedly identified as that of monk Sangha...

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