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Smarter audio guides for tourists

The Ministry of Tourism (MoT), Government of India as part of imparting and improving visitor experience through the help of technology will soon introduce audio guides. This is being done

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Rail to Europe 60 metres below seabed!

A 13.6 km rail tunnel under the Istanbul Bosporus river connecting Europe and Asia has opened a new chapter in the world of travel & tourism and transportation. Turkey unveiled on

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Exhilarating Ballet performance

Korean National Ballet had a splendid Ballet performance couple of days back in one of the biggest theatres in New Delhi. A capacity crowd of more than five thousand watched

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Photo of the Day- Korea Ballet

Artists of Korean National Ballet performing in New Delhi on Sunday, 27th October 2013. This is a scene from the fourth piece of the performance- Giselle Act 2.

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कान्हा: एशिया में सर्वोत्तम में से एक

मध्य प्रदेश में कान्हा टाइगर रिजर्व को कई मायने में बांधवगढ़ का जुड़वां भी कहा जाता है। साल व बांस के जंगल, घास के मैदान, जलधाराएं, ये सब घोड़े की

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Be in Rann this December

On a full moon night, in a clear lit sky you can mistake it to be a calm sea. Such is the beauty of Rann of Kutch. One of the

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Fly ‘Jet’, Cruise ‘Royal’

With sailings from Singapore starting November 2013, the ‘Fly & Cruise’ vacation offer is comprehensive and valuable for the Indian travellers.  This holiday concept combines the most attractive airfares from

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पेंचः चलें मोगली से मिलने

पेंच टागर रिजर्व में इंदिरा प्रियदर्शिनी पेंच नेशनल पार्क व मोगली पेंच सेंक्चुअरी, दोनों शामिल हैं। यहां बाघ देखने के लिए सबसे शानदार व आकर्षक माहौल है। कहा जाता है

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Photo of the Day – Precise Cut

A lonely tree in desert of Thar in Rajasthan, India. And so precisely cut leaves! Why? Any guess? Not a manly work at all. It is the work of camels

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Photo of the day- Tokyo rickshawpuller

One of the most common sights in an Indian city was very unusual for me to have noticed in Tokyo near the Sensoji Buddhist temple at Asakusa. That too in

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