Bruges hits all the right notes for Christmas!

Bruges is all about amazing atmosphere and winter romance. The window displays are decked out in all their Christmas finery, as are the streets and squares of Bruges. Without a doubt the most beautiful winter venue is St. John’s Hospital! Every year Magical Winter Moments  is organised in this medieval hospital, with stunning flower decorations adorning this historical site. Prepare for an amazing spectacle from 22 November until 1 December. Not wintery enough? Then why not replace the gorgeous flower arrangements with snow and ice sculptures? Head over to the square in front of Bruges' railway station, where you can explore an enchanting ice world. From 22 November until 5 January the Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival will bring the fantastic world of the Disney film Frozen to l...

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Bhutan lures Buddhist tourism

Bhutan is considering using Guru Padmasambhava in their tourism promotions to attract more tourists from the neighbouring Himalayan regions. Guru Padmasambhava, also known as the Second Buddha, was a sage guru said to have transmitted Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet, Bhutan and neighbouring countries. This all even when Bhutan has all other advantages to become a tourist hot-spot. It has some of world's greatest trekking and mountaineering routes, breathtaking landscape, peace & tranquility, friendly people, exclusive culture, worldlife and easy entry & exit policies. Although Bhutan is a Buddhist country and get inquiries about Buddhist Pilgrimage Tourism, it has no connection with the historical Buddha. It can’t even claim that he came to Bhutan! Hence, it wants to promote Gur

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