Peradeniya, Kandy: Much beyond a Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya, Kandy in heart of Sri Lanka is truly spectacular, much beyond a mere botanical garden, a paradise, riot of colours, heaven of orchids. A must see for all travelers to Sri Lanka. So huge that not easy for a normal traveler to see it in a day. Need to have ample time to enjoy its rarity. Situated in suburbs of Kandy, it is a huge botanical preservation with a large and unique collection of plants, trees, herbs, flowers and anything related to flora. Beautiful setting with walkways and gardens.  Some of the rarest and oldest plants can be seen here too. Fruit bats, bamboo higher than a 3 story building, monkeys and plants/trees you wouldn't see anywhere else. It holds an admirable collection of orchids, palm trees and endemic plants. Not to be missed by ...

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