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Explore hidden gems of Costa Brava in Spain

The Costa Brava is a coastal region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain known for its virgin beaches and bays against the scenic backdrop of heavily wooded hills. One of the

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Paradisiacal Seychelles has too much to offer

Heard a lot about Maldives, Mauritius and Fiji? Let’s go to Seychelles then. Yet another gem of the Indian Ocean. Situated off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian

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A guide to the best beaches in Chennai

Chennai city’s location near the Bay of Bengal makes it a beach paradise. Apart from being a bustling commercial hub in the south, Chennai is famous for its long and

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Providenciales is the top island in world

Providenciales island in the Turks and Caicos which lies southeast of Bahamas has been named as the top island in the world by TripAdvisor™, the world’s largest travel site in

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Radhanagar is among top 25 beaches in world

One of India’s most known and popular beaches Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is among the top 25 beaches in the world according to Trip Advisor,

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Goa Beach Grind from Nov 14 to 16 at Candolim

Candolim beach to host dance and music feast Goa’s home grown Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival ‘GoaBeach Grind’ will be held this year from November 14-16 at Candolim beach. A strong

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New search tools for Florida beach lovers

VISIT FLORIDA unveils online tools allowing travelers to virtually walk hundreds of miles of Sunshine State beaches – from legendary locations such as Miami Beach to lesser-known sanctuaries such as

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कहां करें लहरों से अठखेलियां

जब उत्तर भारत में मौसम सर्द हो तो समुद्र के किनारे जाकर रेत में पसरकर धूप सेंकने से ज्यादा सुकून भरा अहसास और क्या हो सकता है। भारत की यही

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Goa Tourism to run all water sports booths

To bring some order in the functioning of water sports operators, beginning next tourism season – October 2014 – the tourism department through Goa tourism development corporation (GTDC) will operate

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It’s more fun in the Philippines

Crescent-shaped beaches dusted with talcum powder-like sand; uninhabited tropical islands, lush impenetrable jungles bristling with unique wildlife, the thrusting soaring capital of Manila, historic cities, a diverse local cuisine and

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